Friday, November 13, 2009


Sad things catch your throat. I'm not sure where the glad things get you, but I'll have the chance to work on finding out over the next couple of weeks. There's a flower blooming outside my kitchen window. It's blue. Not the blue of granny bonnets or irises or forget-me-nots. It's the blue of water or sky as they start their march through the colour spectrum on a warm day. These mornings I stride out the kitchen door, I slow down, I look. I'm happy. Follow-up message to self: if a thing gets you, take note. Perhaps it's asking to be got. I spent years admiring drifts of blue poppies in the botanical gardens before the slow, slow dawning that maybe this astonishing plant could flourish in my own back yard. My first two plantings wilted and composted before buds could form. This spring, another go. Could this breath-catching blue bloom in my garden? Yes!
p.s. mid- sternum, third rib from the top.