Saturday, November 7, 2009


Greetings someone, or no-one, or my two dear friends (seasoned bloggers you!) It seems I have passed through the portal. It took three breaths and here I am, filling the text box. One more decision, a flick on the cursor, a click, and I'll be out there. The slow leg of the journey (apart from the months of considering whether I would join the ranks) has been to choose a name. It started half an hour ago. If I were to have a blog, what would I call it? Perhaps oddly, with spring fattening around me, my first visitor is the word deciduous. A good fit, I think. Leaves coming, turning, going and coming again, The cycle of change. I look up and discover the origin of the word is decidere: to fall off or down. No thanks. I rock my right brain (in a hammocky fashion) and let ideas slurp about. Aha. Cadence. Here is rhythm again - albeit a faster one, modulation (warm voices), the sweet resolution of a musical phrase. I'm happy. I flick across to Present participle of cadere: to fall. So be it. 


  1. Welcome to this unusual and rather wonderful community, PMM - a place where we are free - or bound - to be adventurous, neurotic, enquiring, informative, serious, entertaining, colourful or dun-coloured... a place where just about anything goes, really?

    Are we allowed to draw attention to you? L, C xx

  2. Thankyou for your etheric hand / hug, decle. It feels enlivening to be somewhere so very new. Does it ever become hohum? Yes to your qn, if you were ever so inclined.

  3. You go girl. But gently with the rocking your right brain.