Sunday, August 29, 2010

9 sleeps

ta ta te ta ta te ta ta in august (high as kite on the ...) i'm not sure i ever knew all the words, but the tune's there and it just keeps slipping out when I'm not looking. I'm heading off to the other side of world. Nine sleeps to go. I think about it and I'm happy. I don't think about it and I'm still happy. My son, when six or seven years old, coined the term joy fit (as in: "i'm having one".) And now from time to time, I get attacks of same. I don't kick the blankets about with my feet, but I do other things: sink my knees a few inches (a curious one), flick my thumbs up when my hands start to rise, sing snatches of old songs, and only when I catch what I can of the words, figure what I'm feeling: very very good. The coming occasion is the wedding of my niece Susannah and her fiancee Patrick, who will marry in a tiny ancient church in the Dordogne, France. And I'm going.



    That would most certainly give me a very sizeable joy fit.

    How absolutely LOVELY
    I hope you have a wonderful time.

  2. Oh so that's what all the fuss is about. Happy trails...x

  3. Safe journey, Pam, and carry us with you, with love.

  4. i am subject to those joy fits (now they have a name!)--and would be, big time, were i to be heading for the dordogne. a journeys.

  5. Throwing a joy fit fit for you, dear PamelaMM. Lucky France, I say.



    wv.parimi (Will you be going there, the capital city whose roofs are rounded like rising loaves?)

  6. Thank you for sharing my joy, you five. (Am limbering up for a full-blown spasm should it choose to take me when I get to my destination.) Pam xx

  7. Undetected, I have tiptoed in and scampered away with "joy fit" added to my vocabulary. Wishing us all more of them than we can juggle.