Saturday, February 13, 2010

me, myself and I

In the early days of facebook, someone told me about the experience of being snubbed on his first 'friend' request. He found someone with the same name, made a virtual approach, and was a bit peeved when there was no response. He later realised he had been flirting with himself - he'd set himself up on facebook months earlier, then forgotten. We heard this story with great hilarity and it always tickled my fancy. Now I've had a laugh at my expense. I find my own face in amongst my supporters on my blog site. It came about when a dear friend from Wellington was down for a brief visit late last week. She was intrigued by the blogging business, and, when we got onto the site, keen to join my little band of followers. In travelling the route to set herself up, she put not her, but me, on the board. And there I was, larger (well-smaller actually) than life, and seemingly ineradicable. After the frenzy of attempts to delete myself, I relaxed my shoulders and had a laugh. Now I've decided to enjoy this public display of apparent narcissism. We are often told we need to be our own best friend. I'm familiar with the inner critic who has my name. I've been consciously fostering a friendlier and more affirming meta me. So, in one swoop, I've boosted my following by 15% and given myself a public and permanent thumbs up. Hi Pam. Thanks for your support.


  1. Adding my thumbs to yours, dear P.

    (What a hoot!)


  2. Kia ora my dear
    Bad news for you. If you look at one of your followers on the bottom row, it's me again, as well as the fetching fellow wiv glasses. Both me (glasses) and Mr Head both follow you avidly though - and I'm sure you will forgive the apparent but not actual grammatical issue with "Both me and Mr Head follow you...".
    So - reduce your follower list by that 15% you just added, but by no means diminish the support.
    "A friendlier and more affirming meta me" sounds like a good thing/person to have around. Might share it/him/her, if you don't mind.

  3. Oh that made me laugh! And it also prompted me to 'follow' you - a. because it made me laugh (and I love it when writing does that ever since Michael Bond and Paddington Bear) b. I've enjoyed your other writing so much c. because I didn't want you do reduce your follower list by 15 % as John B suggested and d. you were quite clearly calling out for more supporters ... heh heh ... or 'LOL' as my daughter would say

  4. Well thank you Mary. Welcome aboard the wee train. (I see my daughter there beside you too.) I would deny your d. as a motivation, at least in any conscious way (!)... but yay for the outcome. Two more followers!